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Justyn Hornor / CEO
Justyn was born and raised in the NW Arkansas region of the Ozarks as the oldest of three siblings. After a career in the music industry, he joined the U.S. Army and currently serves in the Arkansas Army National Guard providing personal security detail for the chaplaincy. He has a degree in Business Management and is the owner of Creative Content Experts. | @jphornor | Google+

Gabe Keith / Editor

Gabe grew up in St. Paul Minnesota as the oldest of six brothers and one sister. After graduating from high school he joined the Marine Corps Infantry and served three combat tours in Iraq. After leaving the Marines, Gabe completed a Bachelors of Science in Public Safety with a specialization in Criminal Justice. He has a passion for journalism and MMA. Twitter: @gabrielkeith5

Andrew Lancaster / Creative Director

Andy is the CEO of Giantfist. It’s an internet company that is dedicated to revolutionizing the world of small business web development. He also overseas the direction of MMA Freak’s branding as the creative director. Twitter: @giantfistusa

Ben McPhee / Host of MMA Freak Live ~ Sr. Writer

Ben McPhee was born and raised in Prescott Valley Arizona as the oldest of two kids. He has been writing for over 10 years beginning with poetry and progressing all the way to screenwriting with two screenplays copyrighted. Lover of movies and mma. He helps run an mma fantasy site and delivers great up to the date mma news and articles. Twitter: @mmawriter1

Tiger Taylor / Sr. Podcast Personality ~ Staff Writer

Tiger hosts a podcast which includes shows, Sitting Ring Side (on boxing), and Sitting Cage Side (on MMA). He co-hosts MMA Freak’s official podcast and MMA Elite’s as well. He’s from Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and has worked in the casino industry for nearly 10 years, but MMA is his true passion. He is married with two toddlers, so when he’s not working or spending time with his family, he’s watching/writing about mixed martial arts. Twitter: @MMADocket


Matthew Salzer / Senior Editor

A native Californian, Matthew Salzer first fell in love with martial arts when he was introduced to wrestling at the age of 11 by his mother. Close to the same time he fell in love with Mixed Martial Arts while living in Japan  when he was introduced to PRIDE FC on public Japapese TV. Matthew has experience in wrestling both as a successful athlete, graduating from Missouri Baptist University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences on a partial scholarship and is currently a coach at Orange Lutheran High School.

In addition to success in school and in athletics, Matthew also has experience in the MMA industry, having served with the California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Association (CAMO) and is an active member on the website. He not only writes for MMA Freak, but also Funky Monkey MMA Radio. He also believes in giving back to the community as he regularly makes an effort to volunteer at his church and gives blood as well. Twitter: @MatthewSalzer

Brian Edward Jerry / Staff Writer

Brian is an aspiring mixed martial arts journalist with an immense passion for the sport of MMA. He’s a native of Washington, DC and studied journalism at Old Dominion University where he wrote for the Mace & Crown school news editor as a contributing, staff, senior writer, and columnist. He also served as sports editor of the paper.

He fell in love with the sport during the first season of The Ultimate Fighter. The infamous fight between Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar left him hooked and fixated with MMA. Brian has an immense passion for both men’s and women’s fighting. His favorite fighters are TUF winners Michael “The Count” Bisping and “The Venezuelan Vixen” Julianna Pena. Twitter: @BrianEJerry

Tom Heffernan / Contributing Writer

Tom hails from Glasgow, Scotland. Celtic Football Club and UFC daft. Once held Penny Lancasters underwear as Rod stood and watched! #fact Twitter: @HeffieJr

Patrick S. Tighe / Contributing Writer

Patrick is an early career artist and MMA writer who studied sculpture, video, and performance at the Cleveland Institute of Art. You can find his MMA writing here. He also blogs at Twitter: @PatrickSTighe

Will Rooney / Contributing Writer

Bio: History student, gambler, MMA fanatic. Favorite fighter: Dan Henderson. Twitter: @willrooney_



John Kennedy / Contributing Writer

I’m 22 currently living in Erie Pa. I’m really passionate about MMA and hope to inform while having fun at the same time. Twitter: @TronCat__209


For general inquiries:
Twitter: @mmafreakout

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