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Gabe grew up in St. Paul Minnesota as the oldest of six brothers and one sister. After graduating from high school he joined the Marine Corps Infantry and served three combat tours in Iraq. After leaving the Marines Gabe recently completed a Bachelors of Science in Public Safety with a specialization in Criminal Justice. He has a passion for journalism and MMA.
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Can a TRT free Dan Henderson defeat Daniel Cormier at UFC 175?

Now this fight hasn’t been made official yet but it feels solid. To be blunt though, Dan Henderson will probably not win. Regardless of TRT use, Henderson is just too far past his prime to contend with the new breed of fighters at 205. Then again, Daniel Cormier has yet to face a ranked opponent at…

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UFC 171 in review: Three brutal ordeals at 170lb’s and one champion crowned

The crowd chanted evenly in unison, “KNEEE, KNEEE, KNEEEE,” as Robbie Lawler stumbled backwards with his hands firmly clasped around Johny Hendricks’s neck as he relentlessly pulled the number one contender in the welterweight division backwards with the crowd chanting for what they felt was necessary in knees to the face, and then Hendricks head…

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Tyron Woodley may shock the world at UFC 171

Looking at his thundering highlight record, his deadly build, or his cold and calculated demeanor at all times, Tyron Woodley may have talked his way in to a fight against Carlos Condit in the main event at UFC 171 tomorrow night, according to UFC Pres Dana White, but only if you believe words stand on…

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Can old school fighters win UFC titles in 2014?

Can Robbie Lawler be the first to pull it off at UFC 171, because that’s exactly what will happen if he defeats Johny Hendricks in the main event for the right to hold the title of UFC welterweight champion? Hendricks is gonna win by knockout. Of course I echoed identical sentiments when Josh Koscheck and…

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Beyond the Cage Podcast discusses UFC 171 and more

Beyond the Cage is back with a jam packed five round show. This week on Beyond the Cage, Jim & The ‘Juice’ dive into the top headlines from this past week in MMA including Cat Zingano‘s return, Best of WEC TV series and recap episodes 7 & 8 of TUF Nations. All of this is featured…

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UFC champ Jon Jones doesn’t want Alexander Gustafsson next and it makes sense

After watching Alexander Gustafsson blast through a tough undefeated knock out artist in Jimi Manuwa at UFC Fight Night in London on Saturday, Jon Jones echoed his previously imparted sentiment on how he believes the light heavyweight division should conduct business moving forward. “Why not give the winner of Alexander and DC the winner of…