‘Rampage 4 Real’ episode 2 review: ‘Make or Break’

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Quinton Jackson. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

Taking up immediately where episode 1 leaves off, episode 2 “Make or Break” starts off at the coffee house that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and his friends were talking at when manager Steve Datte walks in. Jackson and Steve walk outside and Steve talks about how he and Jackson’s training partner Gavin Sterritt had a workout without Jackson.

Steve verbally doubts Jackson’s commitment which visually angers Jackson. Following the conversation, Jackson heads to the Rampage Fitness Academy where he works out, determined to prove Steve wrong on his doubts. Basically Jackson is venting rather than hitting Steve as Steve thought he actually would do.

Later on Jackson gets a call from his friend about doing a recording session with Warren G and decides to skip his evening workout. Jackson arrives at the studio and briefly talks with Warren G about several track ideas before beginning the recording.

While there, several girls come in and Jackson talks about what kind of girl he is rapping about. Meanwhile at Jackson’s house, Gavin has a phone conversation about how Jackson skipped out on the evening workout while he is having dinner. He then asks the camera crew if they know where Jackson is and becomes angry when one of the cameramen starts laughing.

Two weeks after the recording, Jackson has finally committed to his training and visits a local doctor for treatment on his knees. Jackson also makes the disturbing comment that due to the pain, he sometimes feels in his knee, he sometimes thinks about taking a gun and shooting Jon Jones in the knee.

Later on Jackson accuses his cousin Dre of misplacing his car keys while Dre maintains that he gave Jackson his keys back. They make a bet that if Dre did indeed misplace his keys that Jackson doesn’t pay him for his housework for a month, while if Dre did give Jackson his keys back that Jackson has to wash Dre’s car. As it turns out Dre did indeed give Jackson’s keys back and Jackson is humiliated while washing Dre’s rather dirty car, but does a great job.

Seven weeks out, Jackson corners Gavin’s Bellator debut which he wins by a close split decision. The fight motivates Jackson to work hard as he moves his camp to Mexico in order to train in isolation. Gavin meantime helps to train and properly motivate Jackson and mentions the fact that opponent Tito Ortiz will be training just as hard. The sense of urgency becomes evident as the looser will most likely be heading into retirement. It is hinted that Jackson will be exploring Mexico in the next episode.

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